Meet the team

PI – Dr Elena Musi

Elena Musi is a Lecturer in Communication and Media, focusing on Digital Humanities. Her expertise lies at the interface between theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Communication Studies and Artificial Intelligence. Before joining the University of Liverpool, Elena worked as the Language Engineer for Alexa in Italian in the Amazon Alexa Applied Modelling and Data Science team (Cambridge, Mass.). For more info ->

Professor Simeon Yates

Simeon is Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research Environment and Postgraduate Research. His research on the social, political and cultural impacts of digital media includes a long-standing focus on digital media and interpersonal interaction. More recently, he has worked on projects that address issues of digital inclusion and exclusion. For more info ->

Professor Kay O’Halloran

Kay O’Halloran is the Head of Department of Communication and Media in the School of the Arts in August 2019. Kay is an internationally recognized leading academic in the field of multimodal analysis, involving the study of the interaction of language with other resources in texts, interactions and events (e.g. text, images, video, websites). Kay has 12+ years of experience as a Research Director of interdisciplinary teams (i.e. social scientists, scientists, computer scientists, graphic designers and software developers) working on digital approaches to multimodal analysis. For more info ->

Professor Chris Reed

Chris is director of the Centre for Argument Technology and has worked in the fertile area lying between argumentation and AI for twenty years. He has published over 200 papers in the area, including establishing basic interoperability standards and pioneering infrastructure for the management of large scale datasets for deep learning in argumentation. For more info ->

Dr Elinor Carmi

Elinor Carmi is a digital rights advocate, researcher and journalist who has been working, writing and teaching on deviant media, internet standards, cyber-feminism, software studies, sound studies and internet governance. She is a postdoc research associate working on the Me and My Big Data: Developing citizens data literacies project (Nuffield Foundation) and recently published her second monograph “Media Distortions: Understanding the Power Behind Spam, Noise and Other Deviant Media”. For more info ->

Dr Myrto Aloumpi

Myrto Aloumpi’s research interests include Attic oratory and rhetoric, ancient Greek law and historiography as well as Athenian democracy and politics, popular morality, social values, and refugee studies. In 2018-2019, she held a Stipendiary Lectureship in Classics at Somerville College (Oxford) and in 2019-2020, she was Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Department of Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology (Liverpool). For more info ->

Dr. Mark Green

Mark Green is Senior Lecturer in Health Geography at the University of Liverpool. Their research applies new forms of data (e.g. social media records, loyalty card data, images) for studying the determinants of health inequalities. They are leading a small project funded by the NIHR HPRUEZI COVID-19 Strategic Research Call, which utilises Twitter data to identify sources of misinformation and how they change in response to key events related to the pandemic. For more info ->

Matt Foulis

Matt Foulis is a research assistant and PhD student in the Centre for Argument Technology (Arg-tech) group at the University of Dundee. He is currently working on a chatbot implementation for the Fake News Immunity project. He is interested in the technologies which can be used to help identify and prevent online misinformation and fallacies. For more info ->

James Etheridge

After graduating from The University of Liverpool’s BA Business Economics with a year in China in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, James was selected to take part in this COVID 19 project as a Graduate Research Intern. His main research interests include misinformation spread across social media and the intentions behind fake news production. For more info ->

Rian Scaife

Rian took part in this COVID-19 research project in the final year of her studies at the University of Liverpool. Reading various articles and journals on social media and otherwise throughout this project has given her insight into the fallacies presented to the public in today’s world. This opportunity gave her inspiration to continue to do a masters in management at Liverpool John Moores university and prepare for the research project at the end of her masters program. For more info –>

Anthony Jowid

Anthony Jowid took part in the project as a research intern. His work mainly consisted of reading and annotating articles relating to the novel corona virus. For more info ->

Mercutio Chocolat

Mercutio is a Visual Communicator specialised in photography, photo editing and graphic design. He studied at the Institute European of Design (Milan) and graduated with a fashion portfolio about “Appearances and Reality” using different medias. He worked for famous Italian brands like Prada and Vogue. In the recent years he moved to the UK where he worked as a freelancer collaborating with various companies ranging from Lumiere London and Harper’s Bazaar to Spotlight etc. He is currently a Matalan Photo Retoucher. Check out Matalan’s website :